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    It allows me to watch DVD movies in AVI format on my laptop so that I don't have to take originals - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

    Works fine. Able to rip almost all the DVDs. After a free trial, purchased this program and using it since a week. No problems observed. Have no spyware or any virus attached as my computer has all protections and would have detected if any such softwares.

    Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system


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    iSofter Affiliate Program - via Regnow.com
    You will receive a 75% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website.

    There are two custom build mode you can choose. One is Direct download mode another is manually build. If direct download can't work for you,you can choose manually mode.

    Note: if you need a none name-based custom version, please mail us: sales@iSofter.com

    1. Direct download custom build

    For example, shareup.com's RegNow Affiliate ID is 14776 , to download the affiliate custom build for shareup.com, just choose the product name and enter 14776 in the input box then click the "Download My Custom Build Now" button,
    Selet Product Name commission commission Earned
    iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe Hot! 75% $ 22.46 USD
    iSofter DVD Ripper Deluxe 75% $ 26.21 USD
    iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum Hot! 75% $ 29.96 USD
    DVD To iPod Converter Hot! 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To Zune Converter Hot! 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To WMV Converter 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To PSP Converter Hot! 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To PPC Converter 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To YouTube Converter 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To MP4 Converter 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To 3GP Converter 75% $ 22.46 USD
    DVD To iPad Converter 75% $ 14.96 USD
    Enter Your RegNow Affiliate ID:

    2.Manually build the custom version by yourself

    Step 1 Download setup from http://www.isofter.com/download/idvdrip.exe

    Step 2 Rename the file name from "idvdrip.exe" to "idvdrip_xxxx.exe", xxxx is your regnow affiliate ID.

    Step 3 You can deliver this file to your website now!

    Download the custom build and upload it on to your web sites and start selling today. When your visitors download DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe from your web site, the "BuyNow" buttons in their DVD Audio Ripper Deluxes will link directly to your RegNow affiliate order page. And when they buy, you earn 35%. Enjoy!

    If Affiliate can creat a link for us on your site which pages google PR>4,please e-mail us with the Link above we will increase your commission to 75% now!!!, Time Limited, Act Fast

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