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Compressor Settings
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What is Compressor?
The time it takes for the compressor to respond to changes in input level is known as attack, and how quickly the compressor returns to no gain reduction once the input level falls below the threshold is known as release. In many compressors the attack and release times are adjustable by the user. Some compressors, however, have the attack and release times determined by the circuit design and they cannot be adjusted by the user. Sometimes the attack and release times are 'automatic' or 'program dependent', meaning that the times change depending on the input signal. Because the loudness pattern of the source material is modified by the compressor it may change the character of the signal in subtle to quite noticeable ways depending on the settings used.
more info visit wikipedia

Enable compressor:

if checked iSofter Audio Recorder Vista will use this dsp when recording.
when recording 24bit or 32 bit please setup directx 9 or above
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