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    It allows me to watch DVD movies in AVI format on my laptop so that I don't have to take originals - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

    Works fine. Able to rip almost all the DVDs. After a free trial, purchased this program and using it since a week. No problems observed. Have no spyware or any virus attached as my computer has all protections and would have detected if any such softwares.

    Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system


    Home -> Online Help

    Online Help:

    For credit card/download/registration and related problems:

    Please email support@regnow.com, or call them at 1 (877) 353-7297 (toll free in US and Canada) or 1 (952) 646-5331 (international).

    Online Problem Submit Form: http://www.regnow.com/cs/contact

    If you have any problems using our software:

    • Make sure you are using the most recent version of the software.
    • Read the Help manual - Click the "Help / Contents" or "Help / Online Help"
    • Read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

    If you still can't solve the problem, you may contact our technical support group. In order to ensure a timely response, we ask that you include the following information in your support request:

    • Problem: Include a detailed description of the problem and the error message you received.
    • LOG File: Launch the software and press the F9 function key on the keyboard. A temporary copy of the log file will appear in NotePad. Simply save it to your desktop attach the file to your email.

    Please send your email to: support@iSofter.com

    General Info
      Is your online order form secure?
      Yes, it is 100% secure and payment site is certified by VeriSign.
      Is tech support free?
      Yes! It's free for all
      How do I register?
      Click on Help | Register... or Purchase
      Is your online order form secure?
      Yes, it is 100% secure and payment site is certified by VeriSign.
      Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
      No! All product upgrade are free to registered user
      How do I contact the program's author?
      Send email to support@isofer.com.
      Can we resell your product?
      Of course.You can got 75% commission from resell ourproduct.Send email to sales@isofer.com
    Products FAQ
      What's the limitation in trial version of iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe?
    The limitation in the trial version is that you can only copy 5-minutes of a movie. Otherwise, the functionality is exactly the same in the trial version and full version.
      What's the difference between .IFO and .VOB files ?
    The .IFO (and backup .BUP) files contain menus and other information about the video and audio. It can be treated as the index of the media content. The .VOB files (for DVD-Video) and .AOB files (for DVD-Audio) are MPEG-2 program streams with additional packets containing navigation and search information.?
      iSofter DVD Audio Ripper Deluxe still can't work. What's wrong ?
    1.check there is directX 8 above edition installed on your computer.
    You can download it from mircosoft.com(http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.aspx)
    2.make sure your ASPI installed correct.
    If not,You can download ForceASPI 1.8 form follow url(http://www.iSofter.com/download/forceaspi18.zip)
    unzip the file to the temp folder,
    A) login with administrator account.
    B) run killaspi.bat
    C) run instaspi.bat
    D) you'll need to reboot before changes take effect.
    or download the aspi_setup.exe here (http://www.iSofter.com/download/aspi_setup.exe)

    How to disable subtitles?
    1. Move mouse to chapters list window,use mouse right menu to "unselect all"
    2. Select or click some charpters you want to rip , the subtitles list will show on the subtitles dropdown list
    3. Choose "without subtitle".

    Output video was upside down. How to change this?
    This problem is cause by your divx package is not installed corrected.
    Please download ffshow to fix this problem.



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